Psalm 73

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When The Bad Guys Are Winning

(February 24, 2019) - Chris LeDuc - Cannon Beach Bible Church. Psalm 72

The Mind of Christ Part III

Psalm 73 - When The Bad Guys Are Winning

This is a wisdom Psalm. That means it is intended to teach wisdom. This is also a prayer to God and we are invited to listen. It's been said that this one Psalm alone summarizes the entire book of Psalms. If you get this Psalm right, you'll understand your Bible... you'll understand the Christian experience. So this is an important Psalm. It is a Psalm of both confusion and comfort. Asaph has carefully crafted this Psalm with an introduction (verse 1) and a conclusion (verse 28). Two brackets. We identify those brackets with the word good.

Verse one, "Surely God is good." Verse 28, "The nearness of God is my good." These two verses bracket this Psalm. The Word "heart" is used six times in this Psalm. It is the central theme. This is a Psalm about the heart. It addresses the heart. We find it in verse one, we fiond it in verse seven, verse 13, verses 21 and 26, and 27.

The translations we have are very good. And as you know, the paragraph divisions are not inspired. They are there to help us, but in this instance they don't help quite so much. Because a proper division of this psalm is into three parts, with the word "surely" being our marker. We see it in verse one. It starts off the first section. "Surely God is good to Israel." And that will carry through all of the way to verse 12. That will close out our first section in verse 12. In verse 13 we start another section, "Surely in vain I've kept my heart pure." And that section will continue to run all of the way through verse 17. A small section, verses 13 through 17. Then in verse 18 we pick up the final section. "Surely you have set them in slippery places." Asaph has chosen this word, and placed it at the beginning of these sections to help us understand his flow of thought. To help us see his transitions and ideas like sets on a scene or stages on a play. He's helping us to follow his flow of arguement.

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