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Authentic Christlikeness - Models of Maturity

(February 17, 2019) - Chris LeDuc - Cannon Beach Bible Church. 1 Timothy 3:3

The Mind of Christ Part III

1 Timothy 3:3 - The Mind of Christ

Read 1 Timothy 3:1-15

These are our elder requirements. These are the requirements for any man who would be a pastor, shepherd, elder, overseer, bishop. Those are all synonymous terms. What we see is these are all character qualifications, with the exception of being able to teach. That's a Greek word that means “skilled in teaching.” Which was a spiritual gift.

All of these are character qualifications... of being above reproach essentially means not that he is sinless, that is not what it says, because Christ came to save sinners. But, that he has a good reputation and he has earned it.

The second one there... that first one functions as an umbrella term. He must be above reproach. And falling under that umbrella, one of the ways is he is the husband of one wife. That's not the word for married. In the Greek text it is a “one woman... man.” It speaks to the singularity of his devotion to a wife, if he has one. It's not to say he can't be remarried. Or have never been divorced. Now, those could potentially disqualify him, but they don't automatically. This just speaks to the singularity of his devotion. He is a one woman man. His eyes, his heart, his affections, his loyalties don't wander and stray. He's a husband of one wife.

He is temperate. This refers to having his passions reigned in.

He's prudent. This speaks to his orderly, organized, Biblical thinking.

He is respectable. This is the word “komos” where we get the word “cosmos.” It means our universe, which means an ordered system. It means his life is orderly. It's put together. It's not in disorder and disarray. He has things in order. That's why we translate it as respectable.

The next word, hospitable, he lovers strangers.

Skilled in teaching. Is able to teach. He is a skilled teacher.

Not addicted to wine. We looked at that last week. Just means... well, obviously, it's not addicted to wine, but our Greek word is a compound word of “para” which means alongside, and the word wine. He's not known as somebody who is a drinker. If you are going to have him over for dinner you don't think, “Oh, pastor so and so really likes wine. I should get him a bottle of wine to go with dinner.” It doesn't mean he doesn't drink. This doesn't require abstinence. It just means he is not known as a drinker like many of what are called the New Calvinists... the Young, Restless and Reformed that boast in the craft beer and their liberty. It's the opposite of that. He's not known as a drinker.

And that brings us to these next three that we are going to study this morning. These next three are pugnacious, he's not to be pugnacious, but gentle and peaceable. So if you have a bulletin there is an outline on the back. This first one is “Christ-like self restraint.” This word that we translate as pugnacious, in other translations it is translated as violent, striker, a bully... this person is not a bully... this person is not a striker... he's not violent. He's not pugnacious.

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