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Authentic Christlikeness - Models of Maturity

(February 10, 2019) - Chris LeDuc - Cannon Beach Bible Church. 1 Timothy 3:2-3

Becoming Like Christ

1 Timothy 3:2-3 - The Mind of Christ

This morning we are continuing our study of first Timothy.

Paul had ended up in a Roman prison. After his release from prison he revisited the church in Ephesus, and upon that visit he discovered that what he had warned the elders would take place, did take place: that pervese men from amongst their own selves arose speaking perverse things, seeking to draw the disciples away from the church.

This is a letter for all times. Chapter three is the center of this letter. It gives the qualifications for leadership in God's church. Paul is giving us a portrait of who is fit to hold the office of overseer. That's what he calls it in verse one of chapter three. And that is a term that is used synomimously with some other terms... overseer, elder, bishop, pastor, shepherd, presbyter... all synonimous terms. The pastor is an elder is an overseer is a shepherd. He is to be a model of Christlikeness.

And this man who is modeling Christ is hospitable. He has a Christlike approachability, you can eat with him, he is always open to people he does not know. He's approachable. Then Christlike doctrine, that means able to teach... skilled at teaching. You think about Christ, He was always skilled at teaching. He always knew the right thing to say to the right person doctrinally. He always brought it to doctrine. He was not ambiguous. He was ambiguous to people whose minds were blinded. Whose hearts were hardened. But He didn't mix metaphores. He taught clearly, which was partly why He was killed.

We need to model this Christlike hospitality, this Christlike approachability, we need to model this Christlike doctrine, and we need to model this Christlike freedom. And we need to insist on having those types of models in front of us. Because we want to be like Jesus. We want to have good models. We don't want to imitate something that is off. We'll imitate it and wreck our sanctification. If we wreck our sanctification we wreck the gospel. We wreck our witness. In this world we can look around, and we can look at the ungodly leaders in politics, whichever side you think is ungodly. But the fact of the matter is that, without the gospel, it doesn't matter what they vote or what they enact as laws, without the gospel they are going to hell. Without the gospel everybody's going to hell.

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