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Authentic Christlikeness - Models of Maturity

(February 03, 2019) - Chris LeDuc - Cannon Beach Bible Church. 1 Timothy 3:2

The Mind of Christ

1 Timothy 3:2 - Christlikeness

So, present tense, he must be these things and first is that he must be above reproach. The idea there is that he has, and has earned a good reputation. A very wooden translation would be he is unable to be grasped. This is somebody who cannot be caught. He's not guilty of anything. There are no skeletons in his closet. Now this does not mean he'll never be accused. We think of Daniel. Daniel was above approach. But those who hate God will try and find a way to bring God's people down. That's what does. And so what happened with Daniel is what will happen with us. Laws will be enacted that will make worshiping God illegal. But Daniel was blameless.

So this is a man who has a good reputation and has earned it. This serves as a blanket or umbrella statement. What does it mean be be above reproach? I've given you a little bit of a definition, but then we have this list. And this list... every one of them is required. If you are missing a piece, it's incomplete and you are not above reproach. These are all the components.

The first one here is the husband of one wife. We covered that. There is a parallel to this in the book of Titus. Timothy is to sort out the elders who are in place. Titus is to appoint elders in a new church. But Titus has a similar list. It's almost identical. He is appointing elders while Timothy is sorting out elders. And for Titus the first requirement is that the man be above approach. And then the first qualification under above reproach is the husband of one wife.

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