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"All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness." - 2 Timothy 3:16

Evangelism Memes

Click on an image to get a full size version of that image. The www.911Christ.com web site presents the gospel using the Good Person Test.

You Have A Creator

What Is Faith

Are You Saved?

Refute Humanists

Are You Good Enough? Most people say they will go to heaven because they are basically a good person. Are you good enough?

What Is Faith

Repentance isn't just saying you are sorry. Repentance means you recognize what you are, and turn away from sin (disobeying God) and desire God instead of sin.

Refute Humanists

Part 1: What is hell like?

Hell is total and complete separation from God. Think about that very carefully. Since God is the source of all that is good, separation from God means you have nothing good, you experience nothing good, you feel nothing good, there is nothing good.

Think about that.

You won't be free from pain. Being free from pain is good. Having something to drink when you are thirsty is good. So you won't have that. Having someone to talk with, or even just to be with is good. You won't have that.

Think about things that are good... they don't exist in hell. Not one. NOTHING good. NOTHING.

What Is Faith

Here is part two of today's meme...

Becoming a Christian to avoid hell will not save you. Why? Because you have not actually become a Christian. There is only one way... Repent (turn away from disobeying God, and start obeying God), and trust Jesus ALONE as your savior. You've broken God's laws. Give up... throw yourself on the mercy of your God and Savior Jesus Christ.


He demonstrated that His promise of eternal is true. On the third day after He was dead and buried, He rose from the dead... and there were over 500 eye-witnesses that He was risen. Jesus is alive and you can be alive also. Fully trust Jesus Christ. He has paid the debt you owe for breaking His law.

Refute Humanists