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Are unicorns real? Yes. Does the Bible talk about unicorns? Yes.

This is a lesson in how to understand scripture from WRETCHED TV. Todd Friel, the host of WRETCHED TV uses the example of unicorns in the Bible to give 14 questions we should ask our Bible when we are working to understand a passage of scripture.

So, what do unicorns have to do with studying scripture? They show how our present day presuppositions can cause us to misunderstand scripture.

WRETCHED TV is a daily 30 minute TV show hosted by Todd Friel. It covers a wide range of Biblical subjects, but most oftens focuses on evangelism and apologetics.

Unicorns & Learning To Study The Bible

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More on Unicorns (and dragons)

In the section of our web site that responds to humanist's accusations against the Bible, we have a different take on what animal the Bible is referring to when i talks about unicorns. You can read it here.

A note on the history of unicorns. They are first mentioned by the Greek writer Ctesias (5th century BC) who described them as living in India, and being "wild asses, fleet of foot, having a horn a cubit and a half (27 inches) in length, and colored white, red and black." This seems to be the origin of the "horse-type" legend, with others copying from Ctesias' report. It is thought this legend may have originated when statues of bulls in profile, showing just one horn, were seen by Greeks (this is common in India). This is a myth that faded away until it was revived recently. Later ancient writers, such as Pliny the Elder (1st century AD), mention the rhinoceros, calling them a monoceros, or unicorn.