Why Did You Move To Cannon Beach?
and why to you live here now (why have you stayed)?

Read Some Of The Stories

Escaping Drugs

Came With
My Family

Waiting To Die

The most common story I've heard is that of having a vacation home here and liking it so much that they moved here permanently when they retired. But, there seems to always be a little more to the story.

I want to hear your story. Your story does not need to be dramatic. Your story does not need to be heart-rending. It just needs to be your story.

This book is about everyone's story.

I'm writing a book about people in Cannon Beach, and I'm collecting stories
about why people move to Cannon Beach. I'd also like to hear from
people who have moved away from Cannon Beach.

Would you tell me your story?
I'm hoping to collect 100 stories,
so there is plenty of room for YOUR story

You can use this page to tell me your story, and, if you wish, your story may be
submitted anonymously. However, stories are much more likely to be included in the book,
if I can talk with you and ask questions.

If you have the time, I'd love to met with you to hear your story.
I'll be happy to buy you a coffee at Sleepy Monk or Insomnia (or your choice).
You can email me at: stevenh@gmail.com

I'm interested in ALL stories. If you wish, your name will not be used in the book.
No story is uninteresting. In addition to telling individual stories in the book,
all stories will be compiled into a general summary
showing why people moved here and why they leave.

If you use this form, you only need to answer those questions that apply to you.
You may write your story in another program, copy it, and past it into the boxes below:

Why did you move to Cannon Beach?

Why do you stay in Cannon Beach?

If you no longer live in Cannon Beach, why did you leave?

Any other comments, questions, or conumdrums you have.

Your Real Name

May we use your real name in the book?
Yes:   No:

If you select "No" I will make up a name that is
nothing like your real name.

Check this box if you'd like me to contact you.

Your Email (should I need to contact you):

Your phone number:



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