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Models of Maturity - The Non-Negotiable Criteria

(January 20, 2019) - Chris LeDuc - Cannon Beach Bible Church. 1 Timothy 3:2

The Criteria All Elders Must Meet

1 Timothy 3:2

The second reason that these are non-negotiables is because he [an elder] models Christ to the community. So you should have a fill-in-the blank there for number two. Number one, he models Christ to the church. Number two, he models Christ to the community. I know this is a more detailed outline than we normally have, but it is in keeping with the importance of this topic.

He models Christ to the community. First and foremost by evangelizing. Evangelizing. I've heard of many pastors that are spoken of so highly of. Everybody loves them. Great man. Everywhere you go. Great man. Great man. Great man. That's who Christ told you to beware of...

Christ said, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so they did the false prophets.” If the man is not calling people to repentance, then he is not Christlike. And if he is calling sinners to repentance, not everybody is going to like him. He will not be the most liked guy in the community. He will not be the most liked pastor in the community. Because he is calling sinners to repentance and telling them that, "If you do not depart from your sin you will end up in hell."

He must evangelize the community. That's what Christ did. And that's why Christ was killed.

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