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Affirming the Aspiration

(January 13, 2019) - Chris LeDuc - Cannon Beach Bible Church. 1 Timothy 3:1

Five Points Paul Makes in 1 Timothy 3:1

1 Timothy 3:1

What verse one is summarized by is "affirming the aspiration." Affirming the asperation. What Paul does in this text is he reminds and he affirms that the role of sheperh or overseer, or elder; the role of shepherd or overseer of God's people is a good role. That's what Paul is doing here in verse one. We're going to look at that in five points.

Now my pastor who I was under for the past several years took this into six points. So you can be thankful that I'm not going into quite the amount of detail as he did.

Chapter three verse one. "It is a trustworthy statement." This is... if you are filling in your blanks... the importance proclaimed. "Trustworthy statement," Paul says. This statement, a trustworthy statement, that in the Greek text we find five times in the Bible. All five times it is in the pastoral epistles. First Timothy, Second Timothy, and Titus. That tells us a couple of things. Number one, it's a late development in church history. It's not until Paul's already been in prison that he begins to use that phrase. So what we've constructed is that this is a phrase that was used to introduce something that was like a church creed. A basic, and essential, and very important understanding that the local church had. It was like a proverb. It was axiomatic truth. Whatever he is about to say everybody knows, everbody believes, it's axiomatic, it's true. But it's also very, very important. We draw some of that from the first use of this phrase. We read it earlier. Chapter one verse 15...

"It is a trustworthy statement, deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." When we understand the importance of this statement about Christ, it's of supreme importance, when we understand the importance of that phrase, then we understand the importance of the introductory phrase, that this is a trustworthy statement. Paul is saying, "Pay attention. This is important. This is a hill you can die on." It's a very important statement, what Paul is telling us.

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