Denny Norris (left) translated the conference presentations of Jim Kraft (right above) and Steve Hudgik to Spanish. The conference also featured exhibits of fossils, including the Archaeopertyx cast in the above photo.

Conferencia Creación Hispana

Hispanic / English
2nd Bi-Annual Creation Conference

2014 Conference Schedule

Thursday - April 3rd
7:00 PM - Kid's Program (all ages)

Friday April 4th
7:00 PM - Spanish and English
Jim Kraft - The First Scientific Experiment

Saturday April 5th
1:00 PM - English Only
Steve Hudgik - Words Have Meaning (video)

2:00 PM - Spanish & English
Jim Kraft - Science & The Bible - Not Enemies

3:30 PM - Spanish & English
Steve Hudgik - What Do The Textbooks Say?

6:00 PM - Spanish & English
Jim Kraft - The Importance of Time

7:00 PM - Spanish & English
Jim Kraft & Steve Hudgik - Q&A

Sunday April 6th
The Sunday morning (10:45 AM - English) and Sunday evening (6:30 PM - Spanish only) messages will be by Jim Kraft on Genesis.

Monday April 7th
7:00 - 8:00 PM - Community Forum with Jim Kraft and Steve Hudgik. Come and ask questions, present challenges, give your comments, or try to stump us (we're easy to stump). Everyone is welcome.

Admission to all of the above was free.

Learn About Science and the Bible Through Online Videos

Would you like more information about Biblical creation and evolution. Three series of free online videos are available:

A Scientific Look At Creation and the Age Of The Earth
(A 14 video series)

Answering The Skeptics & Critics of Biblical Creation
( A 14 video series)

A three part series on the recent information
on DNA, mutations and genetic entropy.

Jim Kraft - Cannon Beach Creation Conference SpeakerJim Kraft

Raised as a Catholic, Jim attended the University of Wisconsin where he majored in biology and minored in chemistry. He firmly believed in evolution and a naturalistic explanation for life. After becoming a Christian in 1978 Jim began to research the actual scientific evidence. The facts changed his mind, and he went from being an ardent evolutionist, to a conviction that God’s world – nature, and God’s Word – the Bible, did not contradict each other. As he studied further this conviction grew stronger, and he saw that the laws of science confirmed Biblical creation and spoke strongly against evolution.

Jim retired from teaching Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry in 2002. He has continued teaching about creation and science through articles, debates, and speaking at local churches. He has also lectured in other countries and taught by satellite at Master's seminary locations in Kiev and Mexico City. Jim and his wife attend Bethel Baptist church in Green Bay, WI

Cannon Beach Creation Conference SpeakerSteve Hudgik

Steve is a missionary currently serving at Cannon Beach Bible Church.

Steve has been a science and technology fan since childhood. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Massachusetts and went on to receive an MBA from Western New England University.

Steve relates that, even though he firmly believed in evolution, even as early as high school (in the 1960's) he wondered about the many holes in the scientific evidence supporting evolution. When he became a Christian in 2000 he was still a firm believer in evolution. But noticing that the Bible and evolution could not be reconciled, he started investigating, looking for truth. He found that science supports Biblical creation, not evolution.

Steve has been teaching about science and the Bible since 2003. He has taught seminars in the U.S., Russia, and Indonesia. Steve has also made a number of videos and DVDs about creation that are distrubuted through the Move To Assurance ministry. Steve attends Cannon Beach Bible Church.

Cannon Beach Creation Conferfence Exhibits
The creation conference featured fossil exhibits. This table included a cast of baby pterodactyl fossil, a real Eubrontes dinosaur track, and a set of Grallator dinosaur tracks, including baby dinosaur tracks.

Conference videos will be available here once they can be edited to add the slides from the presentation.

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