Protect Yourself From Internet Fraud,
Viruses & Email Scams

Protect Yourself From Internet FraudOn March 30, 2015 Cannon Beach Bible church held a free seminar on how to protect yourself from internet fraud, viruses and email scams. This 60 minute seminar provided an overview of:

  • Email safety (avoiding email scams)
  • Web safety
  • Virus / malware protection
  • How to know your computer is infected.
  • Computer security
  • Safe Buying on the web
  • Preventing identity theft

The seminar wasl presented by author and internet expert Steve Hudgik. Steve is currently an elder at Cannon Beach Bible Church, but he also has 20 years of experience working on the internet doing everything from tech support, to web design, SEO and internet programming.

Held on Monday, March 30th, this seminar was presented twice, at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Both sessions were about an hour and fifteen minutes long, and covered the same material.

There were no products sold nor any sale pitche at this free seminar. Steve is not available as a computer consultant nor to fix computers. This seminar was presented as a public service to the Cannon Beach community.

Download the seminar notes.

The following are some of the Power Point slides from the presentation:



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