Amazing Truth - because truth is no illusion:

Is seeing believing? In May Amazing Truth Ministries came to Cannon Beach Bible Church and showed that what we see can easily deceive us. It was a fun and truly amazing show of illusions and escapes -- all the while presenting the gospel and teaching about Jesus. Here are a few pictures from the Friday evening show. (See pictures from Saturday.)

Cannon Beach - Amazing Truth

Choosing who God loves most.
(Everyone, including you.)


Cannon Beach - CHristian Lifestyle

Using chairs to demonstrate the Christian lifestyle.
(You'd be amazed at what he does with folding chairs.
It is one of those "don't try this at home" types of things.)


Amazing Truth - Surviving The Ropes

They are about to pull the ropes. Will he lose his head?


Amazing Truth - It is amazing!

After the show people came on stage and examined the props.
There was NO WAY he could have gotten out of the box. But he did.



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