Christians Responding To New Age Beliefs

The Biggest Religious Movement in the World Today in Called New Age

"New Age is a compilation of metaphysical, Eastern-influenced thought systems. These thought systems unite theology, nature, and philosophy. This movement comprises countless "theologies" that often center on religious tolerance and moral diversity. The main phrases (or "isms") that reveal the focal point of New Age thought are "feel-goodism" (do whatever feels good, as long as you are not hurting someone else), "moral relativism" (situational ethics), and "pluralism" (universal tolerance). " - from the All About Spirituality web site

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The biggest religious movement in the world is invisible. But it is infecting Christians and churches everywhere. It is callerd "New Age" but is better described as "Eastern Religions," or Hinuism.


Yuo are not seeing new Hindu temples going up in your city. Nor mass rallies to evangelism people into Hinduism. Hindusd are not going door-to-door, nor do you see them on the street corners proclaiming Hinduism. The statistics about religions do not even show this trend. Why? Because Hinuism/New Age is not growing by gaining new converts, it is growing by surreptitiously gaining new converts.

What does that mean?

People become Hindus while still calling themselve Christians. Or another way to put it is, Christians adopt Hindu beliefs and practices and call them Christian. For example, have you participated in any of the following?

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditating on a short passage of scripture or a short prayer, repeating it over and over.
  • Feeling the presense of god within you
  • Using adult coloring books (mandala)
  • Hearing god speak to you
  • Lectio Divina or Evensong
  • Speaking in tongues

These are just a few practices that are not Christian (not found in scripture) and that are a part of Hinuism.

In this section of our web site we'll look at the major believes and practices and Hinuism / New Age / Eastern Religion and show how they have crept in Christianity and corrupted Christian thought.






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